Still from the Patterson-Gimlin footage

The Sasquatch (Native American for 'Wild Man') is a primate type cryptid that inhabit forest areas in North America. Specifically the North West, but other eastern states have some well known spots for sightings, such as Ohio and Pennsyvania. Generally described at around 8 ft. in height and covered in dark hair.

Many attributes and habits have been discovered about these elusive creatures. First being the sounds they emit. From quick "woops" and low, long howling, to high pitch shrieks during the night. Another sound attributed to the Sasquatch, though not vocal, is tree knocks. They will knock sticks/logs againts trees, usually three times. Most assume it's a communication technique.

Strange stick formations are also attributed. Trees broken midway up, known as tree snaps, and trees bent into bows or accross eachother. Sometimes sticks stacked in weird ways.

As for their diet, they seem to eat mostly nuts and berries and other vegitation. However, in the fall winter months they have been linked to "deer kills". Many deer found with broken legs, mid section torn open and only the liver removed.